Disposable Breathing Bag

Products Details

1. Material  Latex material or  Latex Free Neoprene, we have different types breathing bag. 2. Connected with Breathing Machine And Anesthesia Machine 3. Variety capacity from 0.5L,1L,2L,3L,4L,5L. we can supply many different sizes. 4. International standard Connector Size (22mm)

Products Name

Anesthesia Breathing Bag  


Adult; Children


5.0L; 4.0L; 3.0L; 2.0L; 1.0L 0.5L (Standard 22mm Interface)

Product Usage

1. Widely used on anesthesia machine.

2. Used for anesthesia and oxygen of patients.

Applicable Scope

Department of anesthesiology; Operating room; ICU; etc

-Packaging Details -Packing: 1pc/PE pouch -Delivery Time: Within 30 days. It depends on quantity of orderused to Connect with the anesthesia breathing circuit and fit with the face, the anesthetic gases could enter into the human body..1. Made from latex material . 2. Connector 22mm. 3. Sizes ranging from 0,5L to 5L. 4. Manufactured in accordance with GMP requirements. 5. CE,ISO13485,certificates for quality assurance. 6. Our factonry has modern and highly automated production lines for breathing bags,which ensures high and consistent quality and high capacity.

Latex-Free Anesthesia Breathing Bag Oxygen Reservoir Bags

CE, ISO Certificate1. Could be used with breathing circuits, ventilator machines and anesthesia machines. 2. Made from Medical Material Latex Free Neoprene. 3. With standard connector (22MM). 4. Sizes ranging from 0,5L to 3L . Available in four sizes to meet all uses 5. CE, ISO13485 for quality assurance.ISO standard connectors for convenient and secure connection 6. Smooth textured surface and oral shape for easy assessment of patient lung activity 7. Lightweight design


Latex / Latex-free


Green, Blue, White or Custom






Medical Surgical


Anesthesia Machine Manual Ventilation Mode

Straight connector:

15mm I.D. & 22mm O.D.

Packaging Details:

Individual Package

1. This product is made of medical standard material, which is free of latex, non-toxic, no odor  and meet requirements of CE. 2. A variety of specifications ( 0.5L, 1.0L, 2.0L, 3.0L ) are available to meet the clinical demands. 3. Standard connector ( ID:22mm ) could be connected with the breathing circuits ,ventilators ,anesthesia machines. 4. Validity Period: 3 years. 5. Take OEM service.1. Widely used on anesthesia machines. 2. Used for aneshesia and oxygen patients. 3. Checking the condition of the anesthesia breathing machine. 4. Mannual debugging before anesthetic.Disposable bain circuit is used with anesthetic apparatus and ventilators as an air link to send anesthesia gases, oxygen and other medical gases; especially for patients who has a great demand for flesh gas flow (FGF), such as children, one-lung ventilation (OLV) patients. 1. Manufacturer of the latex-free breathing bag. 2. Medical standard material : chemigum 3. Standard connector:ID:22mm 4. Available volume at 0.5L, 1.0L, 2.0L, 3.0L. 5. Take OEM service. 6. Compact and reasonal price.1. This product could be used with breathing circuits, ventilator machines and anesthesia machines. 2. This product is latex free and meet with the requirements of EC. 3. Standard connector could be connected with the breathing circuits, ventilator machines,anesthesia machines. 4. Avariety of specifcations are available, meet clinical demands.1. Widely used on anesthesia machines. 2 .Used for anesthesia and oxygen patients. 3. Checking the condition of the anesthesia breathing machine.  4. Mannual debugging before anesthetic. Light, enhancing patient's comfort, consist of EVA/PVC hoses, swivel elbow with luer port and cap. Parallel-Wye/Bi-Wye connector according to ISO Standard, matches all kinds of anesthesia and breathing machines. 1. Medium concentration 2. With green elastic band (latex) 3. Adjustable nose clip 4. With 2m oxygen tube 5. Color: green transparent (face mask and hose) 6. Packing: 1 pc/plastic bag (with instruction label inside), 100 pcs/carton 7. Non-sterile 8. Low resistance to breathing. 9. Low dead -space 10. Facilitates scavenging of waste gases 11. Co-axial circuit for convenient operation 12. Compact and inexpensive

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